I think so. Remember now, I am just starting out. So, even to consider making money online, I had to go through the soul searching dreadnought that is unemployment. First, I never thought I would stoop to taking unemployment compensation. UC was for losers! It was for the chronically unemployed. Never me.

I was wrong.

More. I was wrong to think so little of those people who were on it. And secondly, in dawned on me why I was wrong. How many countries actually have UC? According to
Unemployment Compensation Throughout the world, only 70 countries have such insurance for their works. Do you think Nigeria or the Philippines is on that list? Forget it. It reminds us how lucky we are. There might come a moment as you look down at that unemployment check and think, "It's better then nothing." And considering what the unemployment rate is now. You will, believe me.

Now I have been at work since I was fifteen. That is about thirty years of pretty solid job history under my belt. My list of jobs goes on for some time, all of them blue collar, all of them pretty damn hard! Even when I was much younger the thought of taking UC was not so much adherent as "you got to be joking?" I always found a job. I was always an able survivor.

Then I moved to Florida.


This was a mistake. No, it was a huge mistake. It is the reason I like to share my thoughts. My reasons to go online and make money. To be frank, it was my naivety and incompetence that led me to this State. I don't want to blast Florida into the nineteenth century or compare it to a third world nation, other, hotter, angrier voices will do that. Later, I will explain why I did.
Let's consider the only smart thing I did. I left. I packed everything I could into my car and hit the road. Even a month later, I had no regrets.


Always have family there. You think you might be self-reliant. You need no one to help you through this. Huh! Why not? I suggest that if the tables were reversed that you, too, would be one taking that sibling or even a parent in. In the US, I noticed that self-reliance seems preferable over getting help from your family. Yet, look at the rest of the world. Seas of family choking homes, overflowing. How is this a bad thing if they have a roof over their heads? At least you have that. If you find the life you lead impossible, go! Move in with your obnoxious brother, or debutant sister. Or naturally, your mother, the only one that may understand you. Or failing that, she was always the one who excepted you. Always.


Why? Simple. When I left Florida in September of 2008, pushing the rpms all the way, the national rate of unemployment was 6.1% By October 2008, it increased to 6.5%. Consider the Florida unemployment rate 6.6%! Well, yah. for the first time in my life I was seriously doing the math, it seemed a good enough reason to leave this State. I knew that the unemployment rate was much lower in states that I was familiar with, States which I had family in. Are you still with me? What I am saying. Survival makes us do what we think is practical. It just seemed practical to leave a State which had lost over a hundred-thousand jobs in 2008. Now lets look at Wisconsin. In September is was 5.O% better, but why not go to Wyoming which is at 3.3%. What in hell are they doing there? And the reason I don't go to Wyoming? No family. If you're getting unemployment from Florida, forget trying find a new place to live. Try keeping the place you have. No, family can stake you out until you get your stuff together.


Well, I don't exactly now what a novice would do to find a job online. I only know what I did. Just like everyone else. I searched the net for get rich quick money online jobs. Mmmm, clever, eh? Well, that never happened. I did find a job, and if I were to live in Guam, I would be pretty much a money guru.
Well, now that I established myself with my family members of choice. What next? Well, look for a job, duh! But hold on. I have places to go and things to do. I didn't want a full time job. I rather work for myself. And that is what I found.

Mechanical Turk.

Amazons answer to India's sweat shop? Could be. It all depends on how you view your worth. I valued the idea of working when I felt like it. It was such a change from the my blue collar roots. I still laugh as I look at the fourteen cents I made yesterday. But they are my fourteen cents. Its unfortunate that I have to share it with UC. Oh, yah, Not declaring it is a no-no. I don't advocate fraud. Believe me, I would say about 50% people I met in Florida were felons. All had a hard time finding a decent job. So, I do have more to say about Unemployment and making money online.I plan to go on telling you how a beginner wins or loses. It depends of course on how things go in the next few months. Until then, here is hoping you,too, can make money online,Take care.

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Before I infuriate the masses with my prose, I first want to welcome all of you to Gainfully Unemployed While Making Money Online. Here you will find advice not only from a beginner but some that is real, really Unemployed. Well, I know you are saying, "Huh? What the. . .?" Although this blog appears to be one long counter diction, I do believe that a novice interpretation of finding work online is not only valuable but novel. For any questions about this blog, please do email me at I look forward to hearing from you, sincerely,

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