Michelle Malkin's Race Card

Did you ever wonder why Michelle Malkin constantly takes on issues that the extreme racists in this country take. Internment camp denier, and Muslim profiling? Mmmm, how nice. Yes, once again she teaches conservatives how to make money online: insult Asian and Muslim. And when she gets criticized for her vindictive words: she pulls out her Race Card. Hypocrisy yes, stupid, no. It brings in all sorts of wacky people to the site, and that is what it's all about: making money online by teaching people to hate each other. Go Mrs. Malkin

2010 Census And money :Why Is Michelle Malkin Using Children, Again?

2010 Census is becoming a politicized issue. Money, of course. And fear. And no one can stoke the fears of the doe-eyed right wing like Mrs. Michelle Malkin. She is raking in the traffic to her sight with such verbiage that children will be the collectors of the Census. Newsflash! It is a promotional effort by the Census, not the Obama Administration. Get your facts right, Come on Mrs Malkin, you can still make money if you do use facts.

For Bill O'Reilly, The Real Tiller Killer: It Is Always About Making Money

Like his mini me, Michelle Malkin, Bill O'Reilly is all about making money. Whether it be with fictionalized accounts of his life, billed as "real." The man has made millions pushed hate. And Know in the Gagasphere he goes after Jon Steward for calling Fox News Liberal. It is the height of raunchiness that has make him all that money!!!

Glenn Beck's Love Affair With Racism: how to lose money

Glenn Beck starts his Monday by losing some money. 33 Advertisers pulled out of the Glenn Beck's Fox show. Why? Calling the president a "racist." The audio is hilarious and bizarre, 1). He contradicts himself. 2) He had to do it on the Morons in the Morning Fox and Friends.

But never fear, the Right always make money. When Beck Wanted to by Terri Shiavo from her husband(Yes, just like a whore) he didn't lose much out of it. So never fear. The right know how to keep the money coming. It's the wander of the Gagasphere, that such beautiful people like Mr. Beck get to say what they want and not pay for it.

Did You Ever Think Why Michelle Malkin Hates Michelle Obama? It's The Money!!!

Michelle Malkin is at it again. She goes after all the Presidents...women? In this case, she write, a book about the Obamas, leaving out one important thing: fact checking. It's about making money off the Obamas, I think so. Michelle Malkin has enough haters following her now that they just love hearing more and more about Michelle Obama. So, it's a wonder that Mrs. Malkin is often labeling her views of Michelle Obama as: Michelle V.S. Michelle. Again it comes down to: Were is the evidence that Mrs. Obama really cares. None!! But it brings people to Malkin's site, and that is where hate turns to making money!!!

Right Is Where The Money Is

It's been along time since I have been here. And just peeking in because I have some knew things going on:

I am more interested in how the Conservatives make money in this country. And they are making some. Michelle Malkin and her Culture of Corruption is making a bundle. Partly because every racist that despises the Obamas will buy it, partly the Malkinbots will buy into the Half-truths contained it. It's a wonderful testament to the capitalist system that making up stuff and selling it as the truth makes you a lot of money. That is the Gagasphere for you!!!
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